4 Things To Focus On to 100K/month

4 questions 100k per month

I know you might think I am crazy but I’m working on a new goal. My husband and I want to wake up before 5am and go running on the beach.

We recently moved about a year and half ago to San Diego, California. I am not sure at what point I will stop saying recently. hehe

Anyway the reason we moved here was so that we can do things like go the the beach and smell that ocean air, and not be a frozen popsicle.

I’m going to be honest, I hate running.

I only agreed to do this because I do love being with my husband on the beach and I do want to get my exercise done first thing.

Plus I know to get to my next goal I want to get some cardio in.

This thought process would not have been part of my NORMAL 6 years ago. After meeting my husband and my mentors I’ve created a new NORMAL for myself.

My mentor sent me a photo of me a few years ago. It got me thinking about….

where I was…

Stacia Kennedy Birthday Fitness Transformation http://www.StaciaKennedy.com

where I am now…

What a difference!

Do you ever think about that?

Looking at this photo I thought about and the steps it took me to get there.

This got me thinking even more about how I can help people get the results they want in their business but cut out all the blocks I had to go through and achieve their goals quicker.

As I think about this, I have learned that in most cases you are, your target market.

You probably got into business because you had an issue that needed a solution and you found one that worked for you!

Am I correct?

If so, I am going to share you 4 questions my Millionaire mentor has given me to ask myself over the next 90days.

Focus on these 4 things… and it will surely help you achieve a 100k per month mindset.

Want to know what it is?

Ok. Ok here it is…

Focus on these 4 things

1. Where is our target customer right now?
2. Where do they want to be?
3. Why do they want to be there?
4. What can you sell them to get them from #1 to #2 as quickly as possible?

I hope that you take these 4 questions and maybe journal about it.

Really get clear on this.

This is going to help you even if you are new to entrepreneurship or have been a business owner for many years.

When I first got started online I had no clue what I was doing.

I would go to a networking event and get people’s contact and find them on Facebook. I would tag them and thank them for meeting with me or compliment them and their service.

Then I got mentored by the best in the industry and I kept on learning. To me it’s fun and not overwhelming at all. I started off just with Facebook. Then I gradually got on to different platforms.

Even now I don’t post all the time on every platform. Though it may seem like I am everywhere, I really am not! I have systems in place and always creating new ones to get in-front of my target audience.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming at all. My mission is to help you get from overwhelmed to creating a sales funnel system that attracts potential clients to you with ease.

I recently created a new course Sales Funnel Basics to help you create a plan of action that you can setup and run ads to, promote on your social media or send it to potential prospects.

You will know exactly what to do and continue to feed your target audience what they want and achieve more leads, sales and sign ups!

Ready to join me? Sign up here.

Much Love & Aloha, 
Stacia Kennedy ​​​​​​​

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