4 Ways Eating Clean Can Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur


Are you an entrepreneur? Have you been thinking about eating clean to lose weight or to maybe even help you become a successful entrepreneur? That’s right in today’s article I am going to share with you 4 ways eating clean can help you become a successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur you are busy with work, deadlines, emails, meetings and at the same time we are trying to find that balance. Yes, that dream life of having balance between work and home life. Why is it that choosing the right foods to fuel are body seem to be the last thing on our list? Why is that? Why do we put in premium gas to fuel our cars as a priority but when it comes to fueling your body we choose to fill it with artificial junk food?

When I was a single mom entrepreneur without a thought I would grab anything free, off the McDonald’s Dollar menu, frozen foods, and anything microwavable. We would go out to eat when I was too tired to make anything and I often ate my son’s portions if he didn’t finish his meal. Before I knew it I gained 50lbs and became overweight and obese. I was no longer that hot girl who could eat anything, where anything and still look great. I had no energy, and was overlooked for many opportunities. My weight took a toll on my body, my mindset and it held me back form attracting my dream life.

This was a wakeup call when I finally realized that the food I eat can set me up to fail in both my personal and professional life. Or it could be the easiest way to help me live a happy and successful future.

With all that said here we go 4 Ways Eating Clean Can Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur, even with our busy schedules.

4 Ways Eating Clean Can Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

1. Become Super Productive

What we eat affects our ability to be super productive. Food fuels our bodies and helps us stay alert and laser focused. Eating foods that are high carbs will turn into glucose quickly which will give us a burst of energy and then BOOM, we crash hard. Eating high fat foods will make our body work harder to process and reduces the oxygen to our brain which makes us super tired.

In Hawaii when someone eats too much and we get tired and want to take a nap we call in the Kanak Attack!

When we eat clean our brain is kept a live and it enhances our performance.

2. Better Decision Making

We can make better decisions when we eat clean. They say that your “Get health” is linked to your “Brain Health”. Eating clean will help you have a clearer mind, stay on track, be more focused on your vision and help you make better decisions. When you have a poor gut health it can lead to abdominal pain, bloating after meals, reflux, headaches, join pain, and a week immune system. You won’t have the ability to stay focused enough to stick to your vision and goals if you are constipated all the time.

3. Improvement in Your Health

You are your biggest asset, without you what is there left? You are no good to anyone else if you think you are too busy to take care of yourself because you need to be there for other people. You need to take care of yourself so that you can be in tip top shape to help others. If you are sick nobody benefits!!! The more you eat clean, eat your fruits and veggies it will give you a higher chance of better health over all. Research is saying that 42% of people who do eat clean will be at lower risk of death compared to people who only eat one serving of veggies.

4. Increase In Your Bank Account

Eating clean will give you a better chance of success as an entrepreneur. Eating clean will help you be more creative, get more done, and when that happens you will outshine your competition and shine in your industry. Eating clean will actually save you money. Yes, eating clean is not expensive I try to purchase fruits or vegetables that are in season and on sale. Not everything you buy has to be organic. When you eat clean you can pick a few of your favorite items and that’s it you are not having to buy a ton of ingredients when you cook. You will not only be saving money on groceries but you will save money from not having to go to the doctor all the time. You will also save on paying high insurance rates.

So if you are not eating clean already I hope you are inspired to start eating clean after reading this article.

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