5 Ways to Honor Louise Hay – R.I.P Louise Hay 08-30-17


RIP LOUISE HAYIt’s almost 2 years since the great Wayne Dyer passed away. Now Louise Hay passes on August 30th, 2017 in her sleep. I found this live stream with Robert Holden on 5 ways to Honor Louise Hay.  I thought I would play along and post my answers to his questions to honor her.


1. One Gift I Received From Louise Hay is…

the ability to heal myself. I am more aware now with what my body is telling myself and how I can heal myself with my thoughts. Any pain that might be happening in your body has a cause.

I learned from my mentors this book Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Body. You can find any ailment in your body and see a probable cause. Then I get my coaches to help me get down to the cause in my mind to help shift the mind and heal my body. Sounds crazy but it works…

You can also check out their website here.

2. One Lesson I Received From Louise Hay is…

Same as the gift. I have learned so much but maybe the lesson would be how to be grateful for everything I have now.

3. My Life Has Been Enriched by Louise Hay Because… 

All the books she wrote and assisted in publishing has helped me with my relationships. All types of relationships in my life I am such a different person than I was 10 years ago.

4. One Way Louise Hay Has Inspired Me Is…

that she was able to reach so many people. She was able to connect with the most amazing inspirational people of the world. She said yes to opportunities even in her elder years. Louise Hay didn’t even publish her first book till she was 50. She also was an avid learner which I consider myself always learning.

5. One Thing I Am Most Grateful For Louise Hay is… 

I am so grateful again for all she did with the books and the work she did with Wayne Dyer. He had a movie called THE SHIFT that was published that I didn’t see till after he passed but it was life changing.

If you watch the live stream Robert Holden’s light in his office goes crazy. I think it might have been her spirit. Crazy!!

Did you have any shifts, lessons or gifts from Louise Hay? Please share your thoughts in the comments below… 

Much Love & Aloha,
Stacia Kennedy





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