7 Ways This 93 Year Old Vet Lives Life To The Fullest


Gym Inspirations Crunch FitnessToday, I got the pleasure of meeting Randy Rundle, a 93-year-old WWII and Korean War veteran who exercises six days a week and lives life to the absolute fullest. You can find him Monday – Friday during the week at Crunch Fitness El Cajon Jamacha in El Cajon, California around 6 am crushing a 1-1/2 Hour workout. On Saturdays he will also do a workout at his home gym. You know me, I love working out at our home-gym with our BeachBody-on-Demand.

Randy, is a 26-year veteran with the Marine Corps, and an absolute inspiration to many members at Crunch Fitness. I was impressed that he took up skateboarding at the age of 55 and has completed a few dozen runs such as the America’s Finest City half marathon into his 70’s! He no longer is an active runner but I will share with you his workout routine below.

As he toured me around the gym showing me his daily workout routine we ran into a few regular members that had nothing but amazing things to say about him. A very inspiring and motivating member and the most popular guy with the ladies.  hehe!

I sat down with Randy and I wanted to find out what keeps him motivated to workout and be fit! Interviewing Randy Rundle

7 Ways This 93 Year Old Vet Lives Life To The Fullest!

1. Eat Right!

Eat right! Eat until you are satisfied, Don’t eat till you are full. Most people eat too much! This actually reminded me of a Okinawan saying we recently read about Hara Hachi Bu, Eat till you are 80% Full. As you know many Okinawans in Japan live longer than any other population in the world.

Breakfast is the most important meal he usually has Cream of Wheat and for lunch or dinner he will have a Heart Healthy option like a salad or a sandwich. He does meet up with a few friends after his workout for coffee and it is just black no extra sugars and milk.

2. Daily Exercise Routine

Randy doesn’t take any exercise classes but he has a great weight and cardio routine. He starts off with 10 min on a bike. He then will do 3 sets of 15 reps per the following machines, Deltoid Fly, Ab circuit, Leg Curl, Triceps, and Rowing. He then heads up to use a few of the stretching bars and if there is time another 10 minutes on the treadmill. Again he starts about 6 am and is out to enjoy his day by 7:45 am or 8am.

He rarely has what we call a cheat meal. He avoids sweets unless there is cheesecake he may have a slice. It’s just not something he craves. As for snacks or a desert type he is a Peanut Butter fiend. He might have a Peanut Butter Quest Bar or break up a few Pretzels and dip them in peanut butter. How many of you are a Peanut butter junkie? I know I am as well or Almond butter is my vice.

4. Enjoy Life, Enjoy People and Enjoy Yourself

I asked him what advice he would give his 20 year old self or the millennials of our generation? He said “Enjoy Life, Enjoy People and most of all Enjoy yourself”. If I ever hit a point that I am not enjoying life, well we better lie me down in the ground.

He also had great advice about relationships and marriage that was Compromise! There will be times where you will want to meet more than half way. Be ready to say sorry even if you think you are right, admit that you might be wrong.

I think that is great advice and I am adding it here because I think in order to enjoy life, enjoy yourself, and the people you surround yourself with marriage or not you want to compromise if you value those relationships.

5. No JudgmentCrunch Fitness No Judgements

At Crunch fitness they have a philosophy “No Judgment” as their tag line. I asked Randy what his thoughts were about that. He said Yes, of course we need to live that way, we can’t make judgements on other people. This is something that the being in the Marines has thought him. Which also goes into lesson #6 Accountability.

6. Accountability

Randy is a great accountability partner, his friend John picks him up every day. We ran into his workout partner at the gym he says Randy is never late. His discipline and accountability regime comes from being in the Marines. He left an extra 15 minutes early to make sure he met me at 6am. Good thing I was on time 😉

7. Music Keeps Me Sharp

Every Wednesday Randy volunteers to play some classical music for the other men and women at the retirement home he lives in. He will also play an Opera or a ballet in the theatre room for anyone to come and view. He enjoys it and can tell you all about the composers. His favorite Classical Musician is Beethoven and his favorite Opera is Madam Butterfly.

I thought wow, what does that do for your mindset and brain health? He says “Music definitely keeps me sharp!” Music moves your soul and I am sure there is something scientific about music while you workout or just in general to keep you in a good mood.

Meeting Randy at Crunch Fitness brought back memories as I used to be a member of Crunch Fitness in Bellevue, Washington. He seems like a very humble man and at 93-years old he has no idea why he has lived this long. Well I think I know why he has lived so long. He doesn’t seem to let things upset him and it’s pretty simple lesson #4 Just enjoy life, Enjoy People and Enjoy Yourself!

Thanks so much for the interview Randy we appreciate you being a inspiration and motivating example on a daily basis. We also appreciate your service, serving our country!

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