How Hiking Can Change Your Fitness & Your Spiritual Life


Did you hike as a kid? I wish someone introduced me to hiking growing up. I grew up in Hawaii, which has some of the most amazing places to hike. I only discovered hiking now that I am in my late 30’s and one time on vacation one of my friends I grew up with…

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Why You Should Eat Sugar

Why You Should Eat Sugar (1)

Ahh Sugar! Sugar is BAD!! We have all been told, eat less sugar, stay away from sugars, eliminate or start cutting back on sugars. Eating too much sugars is one of the causes for obesity, heart disease and diabetes. For me it is also a scary thing because I had gestational diabetes when I had…

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7 Ways This 93 Year Old Vet Lives Life To The Fullest


Today, I got the pleasure of meeting Randy Rundle, a 93-year-old WWII and Korean War veteran who exercises six days a week and lives life to the absolute fullest. You can find him Monday – Friday during the week at Crunch Fitness El Cajon Jamacha in El Cajon, California around 6 am crushing a 1-1/2…

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Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Willems Nursing Student Turned Full-Time Fitness Coach

fit mom strong interviews brittany willems (3)

Today is the start of Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Williems! Previously a Nursing student, and now a full-time mom of two, one 6 year old boy and one 10 month old girl and of course a full-time wifey. Just like myself she is also a  full-time beachbody coach as well along side her…

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Ahi & Avocado Quinoa Sushi

I guess you can call it Fish Friday! Today’s recipe is Ahi and Avocado Quinoa Sushi. I love to eat sushi on Friday’s for some reason. When I was a single mom my son and I would go out to eat Sushi after his soccer practice for a while that was a tradition. When I…

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