How to Automatically Share Your Facebook Live Stream Video

How to Automatically Share Your Facebook Live Stream

Want to learn how to automatically share your Facebook Live stream to your other Facebook pages or groups? I realized that I was holding up my live stream while I took the time to share it into my other groups or pages so I could get more live views. To me it kind of felt…

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Must Have Eating Clean Pantry Basic Essentials

The Eating Clean Pantry Basic Essentials

Before you start working out and starting a new way of eating like eating clean let’s clean out your pantry. Keeping these must have eating clean pantry basic essentials you will have a kitchen that is “temptation-proof”. Keeping your pantry stocked with healthy cooking ingredients and snacks will make your life so much easier. Must…

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The 1 Habit That Can Make The Most Positive Impact On Your Life


I came across an article that said “the number one habit that can make the most positive impact on your life is… Exercise!! I am sure you will not be surprised that one habit is “Exercise”. We have a lot of habits probably some good for us, some bad ones as well. But in this…

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4 Hour Social Media Marketing Strategy For Business Owners

the 4 hours social media marketing plan for business owners

What is the 4 Hour Social Media Marketing Strategy for Business owners? Are you overwhelmed with all of things you think you should be doing to generate leads and sales on social media? Are you spending way too much time on social media without a marketing strategy? You probably started your business because you are…

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Is Rice A Clean Food?

Is Rice a Clean Food

Is eating rice part of the eating clean diet? Today’s question was, is rice a clean food? Unfortunately, it’s not. White rice is not eating clean. It’s processed, so you wanna switch to brown rice or quinoa, something I’ve been doing. I know it’s kind of tough because maybe grew up with rice, I grew…

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