Most Honest #TBT Post Ever

Stacia 11-2011 Andreas Wedding

#TBT this was me at one of my best friends wedding only 5 short years ago. Some people remember me being very Skinny in high school. Some might not remember or was too kind to mention how big I was. People would say oh no way, you’re not fat. You hide it well. People would…

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New To Working Out? Try These Workouts For Beginners


Are you new to working out? or Has it just been a while since you worked out, you don’t know where to start? It’s alright it is never too late to start now. I saw this quote that really expresses what I want to share with you. [easy-tweet tweet=”Start where ever you are now, Use…

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Core De Force At Home Mui Thai Inspired MMA Workouts

I am currently doing a bad ass workout program by Beachbody called Core De Force. You may have come across one of my videos and wondering what the Heck is this uncoordinated Asian girl doing. I recently had a baby about 12 weeks ago as I am writing this post. I was looking for something…

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3 Day Refresh Easy Meal Prep

Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to start our 3 Day Refresh Easy Meal Prep. Have you tried an all-liquid detoxes or juice cleanses, and suffered through the fatigue, headaches, and moodiness only to have the (mostly water) weight you lost creep back on quickly after you finished? There is another way to rev-up your…

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3 Day Refresh Complete Kit Unboxing


Yeah!!! My 3 Day Refresh Complete Kit just arrived in the mail. In Today’s video, I am going to do an Unboxing of the 3 Day Refresh Complete Kit and show you exactly what you get inside. This arrived just in time for my 3 Day Refresh challenge group that we are doing the Monday…

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