Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Willems Nursing Student Turned Full-Time Fitness Coach

fit mom strong interviews brittany willems (3)

Today is the start of Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Williems! Previously a Nursing student, and now a full-time mom of two, one 6 year old boy and one 10 month old girl and of course a full-time wifey. Just like myself she is also a  full-time beachbody coach as well along side her…

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New To Working Out? Try These Workouts For Beginners


Are you new to working out? or Has it just been a while since you worked out, you don’t know where to start? It’s alright it is never too late to start now. I saw this quote that really expresses what I want to share with you. [easy-tweet tweet=”Start where ever you are now, Use…

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Core De Force At Home Mui Thai Inspired MMA Workouts

I am currently doing a bad ass workout program by Beachbody called Core De Force. You may have come across one of my videos and wondering what the Heck is this uncoordinated Asian girl doing. I recently had a baby about 12 weeks ago as I am writing this post. I was looking for something…

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15 Years Ago I Became A Mother

Yesterday, my son turned 15 years old. Yes, I have a 15 year old teenager who is almost ready to start driving. Crazy huh! You might be wondering how old I am. I was really young I found out when I was 19 and had him at 20 years old. I was a single mom at the time…

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