The 1 Habit That Can Make The Most Positive Impact On Your Life


I came across an article that said “the number one habit that can make the most positive impact on your life is… Exercise!! I am sure you will not be surprised that one habit is “Exercise”. We have a lot of habits probably some good for us, some bad ones as well. But in this…

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3 Day Refresh Cleanse After Thanksgiving Holiday

3 Day Refresh After Thanksgiving Detox

Ok guys! I have a great little cleanse program kicking off the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is called the 3 Day Refresh Cleanse After Thanksgiving Detox! Starting on 11/28/2016 for 3 days. I am going to tell you the truth I didn’t do so well when my family comes into town or my friends come…

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Fit Mom at 35 Rather Than 25

I still can’t believe I just had a baby about a month ago. I know that I feel better now at 35 after having a baby than I did at 20 years old with my first child. The picture on the top left are photos of myself at 20 with my first child Makaya. On…

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Why I Wake Up Before 5am and How to Do It

Before 5am

WTF! Why would you wake up before 5am. Most people say wow! I can’t do that. or I wish I could get up that early and go with you. You can if you choose too. I used to tell myself that I was a night person. I still do like a late night session. But…

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