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Why You Should Eat Sugar

Why You Should Eat Sugar (1)

Ahh Sugar! Sugar is BAD!! We have all been told, eat less sugar, stay away from sugars, eliminate or start cutting back on sugars. Eating too much sugars is one of the causes for obesity, heart disease and diabetes. For me it is also a scary thing because I had gestational diabetes when I had […] Read more…

Ahi & Avocado Quinoa Sushi

I guess you can call it Fish Friday! Today’s recipe is Ahi and Avocado Quinoa Sushi. I love to eat sushi on Friday’s for some reason. When I was a single mom my son and I would go out to eat Sushi after his soccer practice for a while that was a tradition. When I […] Read more…

Like Sample? Shakeology Taste Test

Like Sample- Shakeology Taste Test Group Stacia Kennedy

Good morning and Aloha Friday !!! I hope you are having a great week! Just finished my workout I am just finishing up week 6 of an 8-week program called 22-minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton. Yes, that is right only 22 minutes! Well every other day and the other days he adds in 10-12 […] Read more…

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