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How to Create a YouTube Custom Thumbnail

How to Create A YouTube Custom Thumbnail

Want to learn how to create a custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos? You will want to create a YouTube Custom Thumbnail for your videos so that your video stands out from the crowd. People will see what your video is about by scanning your video and will most likely want to click on it […] Read more…

8 Tips For Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is Available

Did you hear the news? Facebook Live is available to everyone as of today. I just did a video about how to start using Facebook Live on your phone. I thought with this video that I should also give you a few tips and best practices for using Facebook Live For Business. First let’s start […] Read more…

3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day

3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day

One of my mentors gave me 3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day, that I will share with you in today’s post. Are you looking for easy things you can do for your online business? Do you wake up and wonder what the hell should I be doing? I have definitely been there. I get so many ideas and then get a little overwhelmed. But, what I realized is that we make things more complicated then it really is. Read more…

How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

how to rank youtube videos on google

Who wants to learn how to rank youtube videos on google? The number one objective in business is of course sales and if you signed up for my 4 Step Success Formula. You will learn that the first step is getting in front of more people. If done correctly the you will learn how to […] Read more…

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