Declaring Your Fitness Goals 

What are your fitness goals for 2017? Have you put the stake in the ground and declared it? It’s important that we start declaring your fitness goals. 

Today, I have decided to be an example and commit to mine. Today on Facebook Live I shared my #bhag big hairy audacious goal! 

I have had this goal secretly for a while. I was too scared to share it. Why because if I do that it becomes real! No backing out! If the goals that set don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. 

There I declared my fitness goal…

I’m preparing for a fitness competition in April 2017. 

This #quote is partially why I’m doing this. I want to…

 “Inspire others and Impress Yourself” ✌️

After having my baby less than 4 months ago I am amazed and impressed at what my body has done. 

I am excited to take it another level. I want to impress myself, no one else. Which sounds weird since I’ll need to impress the judges in a #fitnesscompetition 

I just know that completing this goal will be fun and a new learning experience about myself. Probably will learn a lot more about myself in the process. I know I’ll also gain an experience that I can share with my friends and clients.
You don’t have to commit to a fitness competition in order to declare your fitness goals. It could simply be to lose that last 5-10lbs, gain more energy, or just start eating clean to feel better. 

Writing your goal on paper, declaring your fitness goal out to the world will help you stick with it. 

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