Facebook Adds Facebook Birthday Video Cam Filters

Facebook Birthday Video Cam

Do you wish your friends on Facebook a Happy Birthday? If you are using Facebook for business and you are in a referral based business you should be wishing everyone of your friends a special happy birthday. Try out Facebook’s new Facebook Birthday Video Cam

I know when it is my birthday I get tons of messages on my wall and it sometimes can get lost in the shuffle of the 200 message I get. I usually direct message people to wish them a happy birthday or send them a special video wishing them an amazing day!

I went to send my mom a Happy Birthday Video and found out Facebook added a Facebook Birthday Video Cam. It will create a filter if you swipe on your phone over to the left and give you different Happy Birthday filters that will look awesome and make you stand out from the crowd.

How cool is that?

Check out this video I did of me using the Facebook Birthday Video Cam for my friends birthday recently. I recorded myself doing it so I could show you how…

Facebook Adds Facebook Birthday Video Cam

Will you create a birthday video on Facebook for your friends birthday? Let me know what you think about this new feature in the comments below. I know I think it’s really cool!

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