Fit Mom at 35 Rather Than 25

20-years-old-vs-35-years-oldI still can’t believe I just had a baby about a month ago. I know that I feel better now at 35 after having a baby than I did at 20 years old with my first child. The picture on the top left are photos of myself at 20 with my first child Makaya. On the right are photos of me now with my second child Ava. I am not sure if I had #postpartumdepression back then.

But I know that as a single mom I was too busy trying to survive financially that I didn’t take care of myself physically. I gained 50lbs as the years went by.

Of course, there were excuses I would make for myself and others would make for me. Like, you are tall you don’t look overweight. Or you had a kid. Umm.. yeah but he is a teenager now. Hello!!

I met my boyfriend now husband who cared about my health and started sharing with me about eating clean. He says he started eating clean to get an 8pack to attract me. 💪

When I started eating clean I noticed how bad and sick 🤒 I would get eating processed foods. When I drank wine I started to itch. Not that I drank a lot before but I just started feeling it when I ate sugary things.

I started drinking the cheap whey protein shakes and developed a rash. So I found out I was allergic to whey and found a vegan option.

#eatingclean is a lifestyle. I believe eating this way and exercising regularly helped me have an easy birth and recovery. I literally popped this baby out in 2 hours. No drugs all natural.

I am not an expert but I’d love to share what I’ve learned. It’s actually easy and not expensive to eat healthy as some people think. 🍎

You’ve seen me post fitness stuff before. I’m not the best cook but you’ve seen some of my simple clean recipes I’ve shared. Honestly, it’s to hold myself accountable and hopefully inspire a few people.

I’m starting a Free 7-day eating clean challenge starting Sunday. Depending on when you are reading this I only run these once a month. Click Here to Join Make sure to add me as a friend on facebook and I’ll approve your access to the group. I’ll give you a basic easy to follow meal-plan and shopping list. I’ll be giving away prizes, It’s going to be fun!!!

If you want to join me for a more intense program make sure to fill out an application here and we can chat about your needs.

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