Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Willems Nursing Student Turned Full-Time Fitness Coach

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Brittany Willems and familyToday is the start of Fit Mom Strong Interview Series with Brittany Williems! Previously a Nursing student, and now a full-time mom of two, one 6 year old boy and one 10 month old girl and of course a full-time wifey. Just like myself she is also a  full-time beachbody coach as well along side her husband.

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How long have you been a beachbody coach?

I started out as a discount coach and then decided to become a beachbody coach. It will be 2 years in January.

What was your life like before beachbody?

Brittany and her husband were both nursing students and after having her first child she realized she had to do something to stay fit and get back into shape after having a baby. Her son was 3, she never went to the gym, she wasn’t feeling happy with her body. She knew that she wanted to try something, she also needed something she could do from home. She seen a lot of her friends getting results. Soon after trying it with shakeology she created her own amazing results she decided to become a BeachBody coach.

What is a beachbody coach?

I had no fitness background I wasn’t a professional anything. But I saw that coaches were supporting, motivating and helping others along in their journey. I thought I could do this. I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. That is why I was in nursing school I wanted to support and help people. As I was working on hitting my goals I am able to help people overall with their mindset and fitness goals.

How has becoming a beachbody coach allowed you to create your dream life?

Coaching has helped me emotionally, financially, and the fact I can be with my family and my new baby. I missed out a lot with my first child while in school and work. Now I can work from home and be with my daughter and be present at my son’s school activity. Emotionally our community of coaches has helped me and are very inspiring. In every way possible coaching has been amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world I wouldn’t go back to nursing I would rather coach forever.

Update: I had so many more questions I didn’t get a chance to ask. So I asked Brittany to send me her answers to the following…

How did you transition from working and school to a full-time beachbody coach?

I started incorporating about an hour a day into my schedule to work on coaching. We call it a “Power Hour” and if done correctly, it’s extremely effective in building your business! It doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour straight, but can be broken up throughout the day. By doing this, my business naturally started to flourish! That’s when I started to notice the transition from discount/hobby coach to business building coach.

What is your daily schedule with 2 kids?

My daily schedule with 2 kids is actually quite simple. After I drop my son off at school, I go straight into my Power Hour. I knock out as much as I possibly can, and what the baby will allow. Whatever I don’t get to finish at that time, I finish when the baby goes down for her morning nap. I usually do my workout during her afternoon nap, and use the remaining time to do a little more work, if necessary. Lastly, I check back into work right before bed & answer any questions, texts, or messages that need to be addressed.

How’s it working with your hubby full time?

My husband & I honestly work great together, and are a great “team.” We have always done everything together {I traveled with him during his professional baseball career, nursing school, and now coaching.

What objections do you get from moms who are considering getting started as a beachbody Coach?

I feel that a lot of Moms feel like they “don’t have the time” for themselves, or coaching! I feel like that “Mom” time is so so crucial! Moms need to take care of themselves in order to take care of everyone else 🙂

Any tips for new Beachbody Coaches or someone thinking about getting into coaching?

My main tip is to just GO FOR IT! Honestly, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I mean, if you obtain healthier nutrition, get in the best shape of your life, and even inspire ONE other person with your journey — that is SUCCESS! ❤

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