Happy New Year + My Favorite Tools

Happy New Year!
I have a feeling this is going to be an awesome year! Can you feel it?
Did you know that I am really into numerology? hehe
I’m serious though, every year I look up my personal year number through a numerologist I went to once named Karen Cornell with Angelwood Consulting. Check out her site here.
We go through a nine year cycle and you can read more about how to find your number and what cycle you are in.
I’m excited because today, Jan 1st 2018 starts my 9th year!
This is it! The end of the cycle! I’m not going to die. But according to her prediction….
“This year is one of completion, and let me tell you, if there is anything you have been avoiding handling in the past 8 years, it will come back to haunt you this year! You will be forced to deal with all the stuff you didn’t want to face.
This is letting go of anything that no longer serves you so you can start over into a new nine year cycle. This can be a simple as cleaning out drawers and closets. But it may mean an end to a relationship, a job, or leaving a home.
Whatever it is, remember that God never closes a door without opening a window somewhere. If something leaves you this year, remember that there is something better waiting for you in the new nine year cycle to come.
So let go of the old and make way for the new and exciting things the Universe has in store for you next year!”
I love this prediction I am excited what is in store for 2018.
Looking back at 2017 I was in a 8 year which was exactly what she said “My highest energy year”.
It said that I would have my highest achievement year around career and that was spot on.
I did cut it close though I did have one of my best months but not until late summer and early November.
What is your personal year? find out yours here. Then reply back and let me know what your number is I’m curious.
My theme this year is going to be “Simplicity”
I have a lot of balls rolling and I am sure you do too.
Having a new baby! Keeping my teenager in check! Working a full-time job and being a wifey has been a challenge in the last year and a half. But I think I am getting it down.
Well hopefully, I am definitely not perfect.

Here is my plan on making it simple.

1. Email You Daily with Valuable Tips
2. Record a Video with Tips or a Tutorial
3. Sell affiliate products I believe in

3 Simple things I will be doing in 2018 daily!

I highly suggest you do the same no matter what business you are in.
Here are a few tools I can’t live without to do this. 
1. ClickFunnels – You have to have something to build your list with. ClickFunnels will allow you to make super simple opt-in pages.
Give away a training, replay of a webinar, your top articles, a checklist. Don’t have one? I am sure you can find someone else in your niche that has something you can model or even straight up refer people to other people’s site its ok.
2. Webinars – I think if you are selling anything you should definitely be doing workshops and this can be done online through webinars. You can reach more people and do them as many times as possible until you get really good. I use ZOOM.US its way cheaper than a lot of other ones out there. I can even livestream the webinar on Facebook or YouTube if I wanted to.
3. Email autoresponder – If you don’t have one already you must have an email autoresponder to capture all your leads. I use aweber right now and have been for years but mailchimp or even a new one.
I am really loving Convertkit. I have a few clients using it and it is great because of the reporting and how each person who signs up on your list doesn’t get counted more than once if they sign up for another list you can tag them so that you know exactly what they clicked on or want to get notified of.
4. CRM – If you are in sales you have to have a way to keep your contacts together. Especially in real estate, I have so many clients who say they have been in the business for over 20+ years and have been bad at keeping in touch.
I highly recommend Contactually it will keep you in check. I am serious you will not regret putting this system in place.
5. Video Editing Software – This might be a little bit more techy for most but if you plan on doing video I use ScreenFlow. I can quickly do a screenshare and record myself doing a training. I can easily edit them and upload them quickly. I may do some trainings on using this product. If you are interested let me know as well.
So those are my favorite tools that keep my life simple.
My plan is to build my list through my content,
  • create 1 awesome webinar every month,
  • share valuable resources through my videos.
  • In turn I will generate income/sales commissions from providing more value into the world.
If you have questions or something you’d like to learn from me specifically don’t be shy, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to supporting you to a prosperous year in 2018!!!

Much Love & Aloha, 
Stacia Kennedy ​​​​​​​





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