Most Honest #TBT Post Ever

Stacia 11-2011 Andreas Wedding

Stacia 11-2011 Andreas Wedding#TBT this was me at one of my best friends wedding only 5 short years ago.

Some people remember me being very Skinny in high school.

Some might not remember or was too kind to mention how big I was.

People would say oh no way, you’re not fat. You hide it well.

People would make excuses for me, you had a kid.

Um… he’s like 10 now 15 years old that’s not an excuse.

I was a single mom. Didn’t have any prospects for a loving relationship. I probably really didn’t want to be in one. I was hiding from anything that would be real.

In fact, I had been in a few bad relationships where I attracted men who didn’t want to be seen with me in public.

The kind you don’t introduce to your friends and only get late night texts from.

Let’s call them the 2am-ers

I have always been pretty positive and surrounded myself with good people.

But deep inside I was depressed. Didn’t care about myself. Buried myself in work and making money.

I never realized how much I let myself go.

Anything that was free or free meal I would take it.

If I was sad and it was around the holiday’s an entire pumpkin pie would be gone. Don’t forget the whip cream.

Then finally with the help of my coaches I was shown the light.

That is what a coach can do for you. Not point out your faults and tell you what you are not doing.

You already know what you are not doing!

A coach can direct you and help you find the tools you need to live the life you want.

A coach can help you see things you never noticed.

A coach can help you discover what you already know to be true.

A coach can help you turn off the monkey mind that tells you that you are not good enough.

You are more than enough!!!
You are worthy!
You are amazing!
You can have it all!!!

How bad do you want it? If you want a bring out the bad ass in you? Then let’s do this together!

I’ll be your coach. I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing.
I’ll give you the tools you are looking for.

You have to want it bad enough! All you have to do is make a decision. Make a decision to change your old habits and replace them with new ones.

Start the new year with us in our… New Year! A New “BOD” Challenge get your challenge pack here

P.S if you want to learn how to make fitness your business also inbox me and let’s chat first. I’m looking for new coaches who are inspired to help others by sharing their stories too.

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