How A Video Gave Me My First Break In Social Media

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I am currently the marketing director for Thach Real Estate Group a Seattle based real estate company and it is really a dream job that I can say I manifested for myself. Many people ask me how did you get the job? or How did you get started in social media.

How did you land your dream job?

Well I just always loved technology and I am kind of a geek in that sense. I was at a low point in my life really not knowing where the money was going to come from every day but knew if I just got myself out there something would find me.I wasn’t really looking for a job but went out to an fundraising event with a few friends to get out and mingle.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Camera

I usually keep my camera with me at all times and saw the opportunity to video tape a great speaker Thach Nguyen who is the ceo of Thach Real Estate Group. Of course I whipped out my camera and started filming. It has really been a second nature habit that I do. Sometimes I think of myself as one of those Japanese tourists I grew up with in Hawaii. Anyone that knows me I am the first one to whip out the camera at any opportunity.

I went home posted it to facebook and tagged him in the video as you will see below. If you don’t know what tagging is, basically it is a way to show who is in your photo or video and the person you tag gets notified they have been tagged in a photo or video. I did this truly out of contribution, not really knowing what would happen. Just thought it was cool and posted it.

I later got a phone call from him and he said “how did you do that?” I was shocked I had no idea he was looking for an assistant to get him started in the world of social media to grow his business. We went on and chatted about my passion for real estate as an investor, as an entrepreneur and my love for connecting with people. From that point on I got hired to run the marketing department and from then on it has just a surreal adventure.

(video by Stacia Loo)

What’s In It For You?

I am not sharing this to brag or boast about myself. I share this in hopes to inspire you or give you ideas and tips on how you can attract your dream job or dream clients through social media.

Here are some tips I learned from this event in my life:

  • Get Clear On What You Want – I know I wasn’t clear but I was open with friends and shared with people what I like and saw me light up when I talked about social media. People automatically started calling me the social media diva or facebook queen.
  • Network with People of Affluence and Influence – When you surround yourself with people that you want to be more like it literally starts to rub off on you. I was told “Your Network is Your Networth” and If You Want to Soar with Eagles, Don’t Hang Out with Turkeys. If your not clear on what you want people in your sphere of affluence can help you be a sounding board to help you get clear on your focus.
  • Contribution Mindset – My best strategy for social media from the beginning to be the promoter. I just wanted to share with my friends the cool people I met every day. Not only does the person your promoting appreciate you. All of your other friends appreciate it too.

As you will see if you keep following this blog I will share with you my strategies and fun tips I find that will help you attract more clients using social media. For me it is almost second nature and it could be for you as you are going about your day.

As a entrepreneur/business owner you are your brand. Branding yourself and sharing with the world what you have to offer deserves to be seen around the world. Don’t be the best kept secret in town. Have fun with it. If you have any questions or comment below. 

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  • I love the new site Stacia. I look forward to many wonderful observations and resources as you guide us on your journey!

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