How to Livestream on YouTube

If you want to learn how to live stream on YouTube? You can live stream an event or even do a webinar live with your audience on YouTube for FREE.

You can call it a google hangout or a live stream. They have changed what they call things very often. I will walk you through exactly how to live stream on YouTube on today’s video.

So here it goes watch this video for a step by step tutorial

1. Log into your channel go to channel, video manager, live streaming and then go to events.
2. Name your event, post your time and date, change the setting to unlisted
3. Ready to go Live. Go back to the main page and click get started.
4. Hit broadcast when you are ready.

Watch the full video for the Tour around google hangout tools

Have more questions? Comment below or stay tuned for the next video that will go into more ideas for you to make this work with your blog or WordPress site.

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