How To Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming

I know social media marketing can be overwhelming. Sometimes I see this look in people’s eyes of total confusion and stress. What should I be doing? What social media platforms should I be spending my time on?

How To Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, and don’t forget Youtube! They are all powerful tools for marketing your business online. I bet everyone is probably telling you that you have to be everywhere online and like yesterday!

Before long, you’ll have half a dozen accounts, too many distractions on each site, and a sense of anxiety about what will happen if you can’t manage it all.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I am going to share with you, how to make social media marketing less overwhelming and result into some awesome connections.

There are plenty of things you can do to simplify your social media marketing strategy. Here are eleven of my favorites to get you started:

1. Find Out Where Your Target Market Is Hanging Out

There are so many places to be but what you want to do is find out where your target market is talking the most at. What websites or blogs are they reading? Where do they spend their time most on facebook or twitter?

Most businesses I work with are are on both and you can’t go wrong with Google Plus. This is a new platform but everyone is doing their search on google. Since Google Plus is their baby than I would highly suggest checking that out as an option as well as a blog. It really depends on your industry and what message you are trying to share.

2. Free Social Media Management Tools

There are tons of social media management tools out there that can help you better manage your social media presence better. Most of these tools will let you update all of your accounts from one place. Meaning you only have to visit one site and have access to post and check your messages on each site from one site rather than having to log in and check each one.

Here are a few tools to check out:

TweetDeck, a Twitter client that also has support for MySpace and Facebook updates.
HootSuite, an online Twitter client with support for Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and others, as well as support for multiple authors and scheduling of updates. will auto tweet or post your favorite bloggers new posts. I only suggest this if you trust the sites that you set this up with. It is a set it and forget it program but make sure they are trusted sites again you don’t want to be sharing something irrelevant to your brand.

3. It Takes A Team Effort

It’s a good idea to get the entire team helping out. It takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a village to share spread the brand. Have other team members post and share.

If you are a one man shop that’s where we have to get creative….

4. Build A Community

To build a community of raving fans, clients and advocates you must provide useful, relevant information with your social media friends and followers. This can get really difficult after a while.

Quick tip: Ask your community for help, people love answering questions.

Let everyone know you are looking content and let them send you ideas. You can also follow others who post relevant content and then repost it.

5. Pre-Schedule Your Posts

I suggested earlier some simple tools to manage your social media with those same tools you can schedule your updates. Facebook also has a scheduler built in to their platform only for Facebook business pages. This lets you schedule all your messages so that you are posting regularly throughout the day without having to be right in front of the computer. Take a half an hour in the morning or evening to schedule all of your posts for the day or do it on Sunday for the whole week. You can watch a tutorial here – How to Pre-schedule Your Facebook Posts.

6. Be Picky On Who You Follow Back or Add To Your Friends List

It’s common to feel like you should follow everyone who follows you.

On sites like Facebook, following is a two-way street. You accept a friend request and they automatically see your updates as you see theirs. But on sites like Twitter, users can follow you without any technical requirement to follow them back.

A lot of people think it’s good manners to follow anyone who follows you, and when you only have a few hundred followers, that can make sense. But as your follower numbers grow from a few hundred to a few thousand or more, trying to keep up with all of those people is impossible, so don’t even try. Nothing says you’re obligated to follow them back, and most people won’t be offended if you don’t.

7. Organize Your Friends and Followers

I have a ton of friends and sometimes I don’t see everyone’s posts so it’s important to take advantage of the organizational tools out there to filter your feeds.

I use lists on Twitter to categorize people I want to follow and make sure you are getting their updates from the people you care about most.

On Facebook I created lists early on because I didn’t want to show everyone certain posts. I also only wanted to invite certain people who were local to local events. I didn’t want to bug people who don’t live in the area messages about an event or invites to something they probably have no interests in. Don’t be afraid to hide updates from certain people who tend to clog up your news feed. Don’t worry they can’t tell if you hide their updates.

8. Give Yourself A Time Limit

Social media can be addictive. I know I just said it I have a problem! lol…

It’s really easy to get lost spending hours on sites like Facebook, Twitter or watching videos on Youtube. I find myself checking my account every time I see a notification come through this can be annoying and interrupt your other work.

The best solution: use a timer. Set it for 15-30 minutes, and when the time is up, make yourself logout. Or, if you are managing multiple accounts like I do, set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and then move on to the next account when it rings.

9. Limit Your Likes And Comments

You want to make sure you are engaging with other people. Set a number of likes and comments. While you are spending that 10-15 minutes scan through people’s posts that you want to connect with and comment on 5 people’s posts a day and like it. Of course you have to gauge whether it is something you really do like and always write a positive comment. Make friends and influence others with your posts and comments!

Social media marketing is a powerful tool and at the end of the day it’s still just another marketing strategy. Make sure to measure your results and if you are not getting engagement or phone calls. Don’t stress just readjust your strategy. Take some courses or call me for a 1-on-1 Strategy Session 😉


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