How to Schedule A Youtube Video Upload

Have you ever wondered how to schedule your youtube video uploads a head of time?
If you are wanting to start doing videos to promote your business my best advice is

Consistency in any social media platform or any habit you would like to form is the key.

I often get told “I don’t have time to upload a video every day, or every week.”

“It takes too much TIME”.

I am here to help you save some time.

If you schedule one day a month and record 4 videos all at one time. You will have enough content to post once a week, enough content for the month. Maybe you just want to do one a month. Then you could do 12 videos and be done for the whole year. The point is Consistency and you can use the following tutorial that will show you how to upload and schedule your videos to go out on a specific time and date.

For example my mentor Marie Forleo has a web show every Tuesday.

It’s called “Q&A Tuesday”.

I love that name and I expect a new video with amazing content every week on Tuesday.

Have your viewers begging for more every week.

Want the good stuff? Watch the video below…

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