How to wHoot wHoot! Save Time Using HootSuite to Schedule Your Status Posts

I love using you can use this great tool even better when its Free application to schedule your posts. A friend came to me and said I’m so busy but I want to be able to have someone post for me. Well don’t worry there are so many tools this is one of my favorite. You have posts automatically post any time, day or night you would like to post without you even being there.

HootSuite PRO

With HootSuite Pro you can get really cool reports that tell you how any people clicked on your link or viewed your post. You can also schedule bulk posts. You can have all of your posts written out on excel and upload it to go off at certain times, days, with links attached or not. Its the best tool if you are looking to just post and be done with it. I say if your super busy and don’t have the time let hootsuite post for you and periodically when you have time always go back in and respond to people who are going to start engaging with your posts.

Here is another video for more in depth difference between Basic and HootSuite PRO

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What do I post?

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is well what should I post. I like to post thoughtful quotes because that is in my personality. You might want to think about your brand and tailor your post according to your personality.

  • So for instance if you want to be a thought leader post inspiration, post things to help educate, train people about your company.
  • If your kind of the jokes-ster of the crowd post something funny or a video.
  • You can also post a question. But don’t post a hard question that makes people have to think really hard, no one will answer.
  • Re-purpose your posts. Old posts or other people’s content definitely schedule in time to help other people get traffic too.
  • Be a resource or DJ of information.


What is the best time to post? It depends on your audience. You can use a cool new tool edge ranker to find out what your status is and how people are engaging with you the most. I would say I do one post in the morning and the best time I think is between 3-5pm when people get off of work. Those are some of the times people engage with me and my posts.

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