How to Network on Instagram Using Direct Messaging

How to Network with Instagram Using Direct Messaging

I decided to start doing a daily Vlog. I know I will get better as we go along. In today’s video I share with you how to Network on Instagram using Direct Messages. I started doing it after I met a really awesome guy who direct messaged me on instagram. His message was message was not spammy and I thought hey why not respond back and connect.

Watch this video to learn more…

How to Network on Instagram using Direct Message

Gary Vaynerchuck actually did a great video about this a while ago and I thought about it shared it with a few clients but no one would actually run with it. Well, I can’t blame them since I had not tried it myself.

The way Gary went about it was to give something away if you are in a service based business. For example if you are a hair stylist. He told his barber to start giving away a Free haircut.

You may be hesitant to give away FREE product but if you are really good people will come back and even tell their friends.

Maybe you don’t have anything tangible to give away. I work with a lot of people in the Real Estate space, What would you give away, you might ask?

You could give away your time. Or even create some type of ebook or case studies on real families that you have assisted. Facts tell, but stories sell!

Are you new to the industry and don’t have any stories yet to tell. Interview your mentor or broker, there are a ton of experienced people that are always willing to share their experience. Just being associated will make you look like an expert.

Back to the DM…

What do you say in your Direct Messaging?

Here is the script I used…

What’s up {Name or Insta Name} ?
THANK YOU so much for the follow!

It’s my passion to network with awesome people
and help businesses build their brand and share their story.

If you are up for networking to see
how we can help each other out, let me know!

Appreciate the follow!  -Stacia

I tweaked this message that was sent to me and feel free to take this and tweak it for your business as well.


ERRR…Let’s Back up just a second…

you will also want to make sure you do a little research on people and not just go wild and start messaging ever tom, dick and harry!

Make sure they are someone you actually want to connect with. Someone who fits your target audience criteria or maybe a person who fits the ideal referral partner.Post

If they have selfies doing things you don’t want to associate with…
or if they are in another country you don’t even do business in….

Well hello!!, Don’t even bother following or messaging them.


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