New Mom’s Guide to Getting Back into Shape

New Mom’s Guide to Getting Back into Shape

New Mom’s Guide to Getting Back into Shape Are you a new mom? Thinking about getting back into shape and need a little help? Here is your New Mom’s Guide To Getting Back Into Shape! 

I recently became a new mom again, I have a 15-year-old son and a 7.5month old baby girl. When I was 20 it was a whole lot different. When I was that young I didn’t care about my fitness. Don’t know about you but when I was young I could eat just about anything and still be skinny. But I have never been in real good shape.

So this time around I wanted things to be different. I wanted to be that fit mom. I had a great pregnancy, although I found out I had gestational diabetes towards the end but that was a blessing in itself. I had to really get my eating in check!

I saw these frequently asked questions and I hope this helps guide you in your journey as the New Mom’s Guide To Getting Back Into Shape.

Q: When is a good time for a new mom to start getting in shape?
You will want to consult your doctor of course since everyone is different. Most will say 4-6 weeks if you had a vaginal delivery. If you had a c-section 8 weeks. I was ready to go at 6 weeks after my doctor cleared me but I had to slow down.

A little TMI, the first time getting back into shape I wanted to really push it. I tried Core De Force with the Joel and Jerico LIVE here in San Diego, CA they came out here to workout with me. I was feeling awesome but the next day I was so sore and I start bleeding again. After just having a baby that’s normal but it just told me I needed to slow down and dialed it back. From there I decided to start with another beachbody workout program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

Q: How can a new mom find the time and energy for working out?

I know I am still trying to get my groove and learning my baby’s schedule. Trying to put her on my schedule lol…

But I know you’re so exhausted!

So am I but I still try to find that #NapTimeHustle. Find that nice stretch where he or she is sleeping and get your workout in at least 30 minutes.

If you just can’t, I try to do my workout when my baby is awake. I put her in a bouncer and she watches me. It’s a great way to be the example.

If she is mobile like mine is right now I just do it around her while she plays sometimes she crawls on top of me and I may not be getting a full workout but I am at least moving about. I just have to take more breaks lol…

Q: Do you think there’s a lot of pressure to get your body back?
Yes, I am sure there is but it took you 9 months to grow a human and so it is going to take a little time. Give yourself some grace, listen to your body and be patient. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t workout. If your baby is teething or has a fever you might have to miss your workout. You and your child are now the first priority, things are going to happen and you have to roll with it. Be flexible and do your best!

Q: With everything going on, why do you think a mom should try to get back in shape?It’s my goal to be strong, not skinny! Being strong will help you with your confidence and self-esteem. Exercising consistently will also help your immune system.

Taking an interest in this New Mom’s Guide to Getting Back into Shape is just a perfect start to getting back into shape. Imagine how all of the areas of your life will improve. Improve how you sleep and make you happier from the inside out.

Also, when so much of our youth is overweight, it’s extremely important to set an example. It’s a form of self-respect. Treating your body well, eating healthy food, and exercising are all ways of showing respect for yourself.

Q: Is it really possible to get your body “back?”
Yes, but patience is key. There are many factors that play an important role in weight loss for new moms, which vary from person to person. Hormones, genetics, and lifestyle can make a huge difference in the process. Being sleep-deprived produces more cortisol, which is the stress hormone that makes your body hang onto weight. Is it possible not to get stressed? You do the best you can, and in a lot of cases, your body will never be the same again. It is a different kind of beautiful and in the end, you have a beautiful child and that’s comparable to nothing!

Q: Why is core work so important for new moms?
Those core muscles are the most deconditioned during pregnancy and they get stretched out. It is pretty amazing how your body makes room for this little human. It is so important to work the core because it helps you do everything. It helps you with your posture, helps to prevent low-back pain, supports your pelvic area, It is also the muscle group we lose the most during pregnancy, so that is where we need to work to get back to where we were. Even women that don’t have C-sections will have weak pelvic muscles.

Some women believe that after giving birth they are damaged. But It’s NOT it is so amazing that you can transform your body with at home workout program like CORE DE FORCE like I did. I found this program to be FUN way to get back into shape!

You just need to be patient and stick with it. I have done this program 2+ times now.
The program offers both cardio and resistance-training workouts, and your core muscles will be worked with each move by focusing on core rotational movement. So, it’s really perfect for new moms who want to strengthen their core..

Q: And you can do CORE DE FORCE from your home?
Yes! Which is exactly why I decided to join Beachbody. It is so helpful for new busy moms who struggle with getting to a gym and having to pay for daycare. At-home workouts is where it’s at for new moms who don’t have a lot of time, where they can’t go anywhere to do a workout. With Beachbody On Demand, there are so many options for quick, effective workouts new moms can do at home.

Q: How does CORE DE FORCE strengthen the core, specifically?
One of the trainers is a mom too her name is Jericho McMatthews. She explains that our core extends way beyond our “abs” and has three-dimensional depth and functional movement in all three planes of motion. Mixed martial arts is one of the best ways to train and strengthen the entire core, since striking combinations require full-body rotation with force generated by the core. We focus and emphasize this type of work in CORE DE FORCE along with isolated core exercises that build functional strength from the inside out.

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