How Often Does Your Audience REALLY Want to Hear from You?

How Often Does Your Audience REALLY Want to Hear from You?

How Often Does Your Audience REALLY Want to Hear from You? Here are my thoughts on this question. I feel if you are in my target market you will want to hear from me as much as possible! Everyday in fact.

My mentor taught me that “1 Email A Day” will Keep the sales coming in Daily.

You want to be on top of mind right? So, why do you only want to email once a month, once a week or every quarter.

Are you kidding me, I forgot what I ate for lunch 2 hours ago…

Just kidding I actually write down what I eat as part of my goal routine. But, for real as an example you want email everyday.

Here is what you do….

You create and send an Email => and Make an offer

That’s it.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

If you do it right and you send good, consistent emails to your list. Emails that entertain. Education. Inspire.

Then, you can make a simple offer in the P.S.

You don’t have to be super techy, you don’t have to create complex funnels, or videos sales letters.

You just simply share from the heart…

Here I am. Giving you my heart and soul. Giving you everything I’ve got. And if you want to join, here’s the link. And if you don’t want to join, that’s ok too.

THAT, my friend, is how you build a profitable business you also feel good about. And a business your customers feel good about too!

Several of my mentors do this and I open almost all their emails. I at least don’t delete them because I will go back and read them later.

Here is a video I did on YouTube about the subject….

I did a longer one on Facebook Live the other night as well. If you want to check that one out I also talk about why people need to hear your message repeatedly.

Isn’t Email Dead?

Most people think Email is Dead, I don’t think so. You can agree or disagree.

I know you will agree that sales is a numbers game.

When I started on social media I just knew that it would help me get in front of more people. People who would be my prospects and eventually turn into customers.

Now the key is converting those people into buyers who will pull out their wallet (or go to paypal) and join your program. 

So as you can see, conversion is key.

And there is still no better way to convert your subscribers into paid customers than through a consistent email. It is has a higher conversion than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, and every other form of social media.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of those traffic strategies help. But all those traffic methods are just traffic methods. What it really is a “marketing strategy.” And marketing is what happens BEFORE the sale. 

Because social media by itself doesn’t create direct conversions right away. Very rarely does this happen. 

Don’t believe me?

Try this… post an offer right now on one of your social media accounts. Just take people directly to your check out order form and let me know what happens.

I know you will have crickets! I’ve been there. Done that.

Yes, even I have made this mistake. 

Here is Why People DON’T Buy Your Program or Opportunity?

So, how do you covert your prospects into HOT Buyers?

Selling comes down to one thing…


Just posting your links doesn’t build TRUST. 

Sending out an Emailing the RIGHT way builds trust. Being honest and being transparent builds trust.

Consistency builds trust. I value Consistency in a mentor. How about you? 

Being honest and telling the truth builds trust (crazy, huh?). When you tell the truth you never have to remember anything. Plus it’s so much easier to just be YOU. 

Your entire business becomes effortless. 

What I suggest you do next…

Get clear on the target audience you want to serve. Notice I said serve and not sell. 

You focus all of your energy, on building your list and pour out all your heart and soul on your subscribers. Even if its 10 people you have to start somewhere. 

You create a killer offer. An offer that is such a no-brainer. An offer that delivers so much value they’d be insane to say no. 

Then, you simply start emailing your peeps. 

You can do this.

Take a deep breath and smile.

You got this.


Much Love & Aloha, 
Stacia Kennedy ​​​​​​​

P.S. If you want to learn how to build instant trust and credibility with your audience you might be interested in this course Relationship Marketing Master Class. 

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