2 Ways to Add Someone on Snapchat

2 ways to add someone on snapchat

I am excited to teach you 2 ways to add someone on snapchat. I am always learning new tools I have a feeling about snapchat. It is an up and coming tool. I already seen a lot of people using it to grow their business. Watch this video for step by step tutorial… 2 Ways…

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Why I Wake Up Before 5am and How to Do It

Before 5am

WTF! Why would you wake up before 5am. Most people say wow! I can’t do that. or I wish I could get up that early and go with you. You can if you choose too. I used to tell myself that I was a night person. I still do like a late night session. But…

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Inspire People With Your Crazy Stories

Call me “Crazy” which most people might, probably think that I am already but just don’t say it out loud. It’s all good! Most artists and entrepreneurs are pretty crazy. I honestly don’t think I’m that cray, cray but you might think so later. But its ok, it is about to get real here. I…

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The Death of Stacia Loo and The Arrival of Stacia Kennedy

I was born “Stacia Loo” and actually hated my name. People still say my first name wrong all the time. But once someone got it people would start singing my name as if  it had an exclamation to the end. Hey, Stacia Loo! How are you? The pitch when someone shouted her name would go…

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3 Things Every Real Estate Broker Should Do Online to Promote an Open House

You just listed a new property now what? I am going to share with you 3 things every Real Estate Broker should do online to promote your Open House. You might be wondering how you can get more exposure than just relying on the local MLS. I know that you would like to have a…

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