Portion Control Using Portion Fix Containers

Portion Fix Containers

Portion Fix ContainersLet’s discuss portion control! This has been something I have a hard time with. It’s not enough to just eat clean! In fact, let me warn you…

I ate clean for an entire year, and I did not lose a single LB of body fat! I even worked out every single day!

No, I was not plateaued!

I was eating too much! I ate double the amount I was supposed to be eating for optimal body fat loss! I was eating more or about the same as my 6’2 husband who is eating to gain more weight. When I should be eating like a person at my ideal weight would be.

In Today’s video let me share with you how to use these portion fix containers…

Step 1 Let’s Figure Out Your Calorie Level 
You lose weight by maintaining a calorie deficit. To figure out what that number should be, here’s a little easy math:

That’s how many calories you’re going to eat to lose weight eating the Fix way.

MODIFICATIONS: If your number is less than 1,200, round
up to 1,200. If it’s more than 2,300, round down to 2,300.

Step 2 Find The Calorie Chart that Corresponds with Your Calorie Level


Most women like me will be around the 1,200 – 1,499 range. The Green Containers are for veggies, Purple for fruits, Red for protein, Yellow for carbs, Blue for healthy fats, and Orange for seeds and dressings. There is also a teaspoon that is a lotted for oils and nuts.

Step 3 Take a look at the foods per container group

These are the foods you’ll fill the containers within the portion fix book. In the program, the book will show you the type of food and amount that corresponds to that color because not all foods will fit in the container due to its shape. But most foods will and you can only have what fits in the container. If there’s no amount listed in the book, just fill the container to the point that you can still fit the lid on it.

Step 4 Spread Your Containers Across your Day. In the Portion fix plan, they have included TALLY SHEETS.

Check the box each time you fill the (food and drink) containers. The order and timing you do this is up to you, but here are a couple suggestions. THE ENERGY BALANCER – Spread your eating across three meals and two snacks roughly 2–3 hours apart. Utilize a variety of containers with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and use the snacks for whatever containers you missed. THE FAT BURNER – Spread your eating across six meals, 2 hours apart. Again, keep things balanced, but make sure you’ve eaten all your Purple and Yellow Container foods before 6 PM.

There is a great video besides the one I did above by the creator Autumn Calabrese inside of Beachbody On Demand’s exclusive show called Fixate. To check it out sign up for Beachbody On Demand for FREE for 30 days http://www.StaciaKennedy.com/bod.

Then go to Program Library and go to Fixate under Foundational Videos, Containers 101.

Portion control has been my vice. I love to eat but eating this way will make you fuller faster and you will really be saying I can’t eat all this.

You must also drink a lot of water. This is a whole other subject but it is important and will also help you feel full. When you think you are hangry you might just be thirsty.

If you have more questions about this post a comment below. I’ll be posting a new video on how I use these portion fix containers when I meal prep and give you some meal prep examples.

Much Love & Aloha,
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