Is Rice A Clean Food?

Is Rice a Clean Food

Is Rice a Clean FoodIs eating rice part of the eating clean diet? Today’s question was, is rice a clean food?

Unfortunately, it’s not. White rice is not eating clean. It’s processed, so you wanna switch to brown rice or quinoa, something I’ve been doing.

I know it’s kind of tough because maybe grew up with rice, I grew up with rice. I had to make rice every day. It was one of my chores back in Hawaii as a young kid. I had to make rice before my parents got home from work. It was also a common saying to finish eating the rice that was put on my plate as a child.

Give it a try and switch to whole grains like brown rice or quinoa has been my new favorite go to. I can share with you some recipes I have been making in another post.

If you are having a hard time switching I know a few people who mix brown with a little bit of white for a little while, or again try quinoa.

Is Rice a Clean Food?

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