Get More Backlinks with This Tool – Socialadr Review + Tutorial

SocialAdr Review + Tutorial

Today I am going to share with you a new tool I just found called SocialAdr. One of the components of ranking your videos on YouTube is to get more social shares and backlinks to your videos. I was doing some research on how to get more backlinks for my videos and found this awesome tool. I tested it out like I do most things before I share them and here are my results.

I tested this on several blog posts and videos. Since starting this process I have been able to rank my video quicker and generated leads through these videos while I sleep. See my socialadr review and tutorial in the video below to see my case study.

SocialAdr Review + Tutorial

I heard of SocialAdr before but I didn’t know how to use it. I finally found a mentor to teach me how to use it before I purchased.

Maybe you are in the same spot and want to see a review or tutorial on how to use it. Let me know what you thought about this socialadr review + Tutorial in the comments below…

To get SocialAdr just go to

You can aslo get Article Builder used in this tutorial go to:

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