Must Have Eating Clean Pantry Basic Essentials

The Eating Clean Pantry Basic Essentials

Before you start working out and starting a new way of eating like eating clean let’s clean out your pantry. Keeping these must have eating clean pantry basic essentials you will have a kitchen that is “temptation-proof”. Keeping your pantry stocked with healthy cooking ingredients and snacks will make your life so much easier. Must…

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Is Rice A Clean Food?

Is Rice a Clean Food

Is eating rice part of the eating clean diet? Today’s question was, is rice a clean food? Unfortunately, it’s not. White rice is not eating clean. It’s processed, so you wanna switch to brown rice or quinoa, something I’ve been doing. I know it’s kind of tough because maybe grew up with rice, I grew…

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Ahi & Avocado Quinoa Sushi

I guess you can call it Fish Friday! Today’s recipe is Ahi and Avocado Quinoa Sushi. I love to eat sushi on Friday’s for some reason. When I was a single mom my son and I would go out to eat Sushi after his soccer practice for a while that was a tradition. When I…

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