The Best Marketing Example for Nail Shops On Youtube

the best marketing example for nail shops on youtube
Do you own a Nail Shop? Are you looking for ways to expand your nail shop business on youtube?

This is the best marketing example I have seen on youtube for a nail shop.

Here in Seattle there is a cute nail shop called Julep Nails. The owner is Jane Park she must be some marketing genius. I watched a video on her site and she actually was a lawyer and went to Princeton University Law School. I told you she is a genius! 😉

So while I was taking a break I always like to google my favorite comedian Anjelah Johnson. She does the most funniest bit on Vietnamese Nail Shops. I started typing in Nail Shop and google knows me so well it auto suggested Anjela Johnson’s Nail Shop video.

If you haven’t seen it Click here to watch it.

Then I noticed a few key marketing strategies Julep Nails created.

Want to know what’s their secret?
Watch this video below…

Wow smart woman! She found a WHY!

She wanted to create a place to cultivate her friendships with her girlfriends.

She has created her own line of nail colors that are selected to match the trends straight from the fashion runways.

I see that they have a core value of CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIPS.

This is what a lot of businesses are missing these days.

I love the way she has been branding her store as not your ordinary nail shop. She has built into her business model a membership package to keep people coming back. They also give back to the community with the Powered by Girlfriends program where their proceeds go to non-profits that support women.

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