Top 3 Questions About Making Money With Membership Sites


Want to create income online? There are several ways to create income online and today I am going to answer some questions about making money with membership sites. If you have a solution that you can provide to your audience and want to build a community a membership site is a perfect way to do it. You may still have questions about how this can be done.

Here are 3 questions I received that I want to answer right here on the blog…

How do you get new members to join your membership site?

You will want to start building a list. Create a valuable giveaway such as a pdf resource, video or training that you can offer in exchange for your ideal client’s name and email address.

This is not to spam people with your offer, it is to build a relationship and position yourself as an expert. Now that you have them on your list provide value added content on a consistent basis via email. This will strengthen your relationship with prospects. Don’t just be another sales-pushy person. Instead, be a solution provider.

The more value and solutions you can provide without asking for payment the more your prospects will start to trust you. They will also be more likely to take you up on your offer to join your paid membership site.

Don’t worry about giving away all your goodies. The more you give the more you will receive. You can educate people all day long but the biggest problem people have is taking action. Wow them with your free content they will be jumping on your paid membership site offer.

How do you retain members for as long as possible?

We live in an overwhelming technology age! Give your members bite-sized info so they don’t get overwhelmed.

You can schedule weekly calls and make them short actionable solutions or items to complete. You can give them training between 5-20minutes long. Or even a monthly call, video or webinar training’s up to 45minutes to an hour. You want to just give it to them straight so they can start getting results.

As new members come in and you start building content you can set up a system where a drip feed system comes into play. You can have an automatic schedule of content released to them based on how long a person has been a member.

If a member is overwhelmed, he or she is guaranteed to leave.

Give them useful, applicable content bit by bit so that they can implement what they’ve just learned.

You could tease and offer new content each month to members who have been with you for a certain period of time. Each month they stay a member they get released new bonus offers. If your bonuses are related and good, some members will stay just to get them.

How to create content for members?

There are 3 roles you can position yourself as when you start a membership site or program.
#1 The Expert Role: Obviously that would be you teaching something and creating the content yourself.
#2 The Host Role: You can interview other experts and have them do the teaching
#3 The Producer Role: You can invite a partner to share their expertise and you do all the marketing on the backend and produce the program. You can give that person a percentage and it’s a win-win for both of you.

Any content you create or your partner creates will be content to help your members get to their end goal. Solve their problem one step at a time. Take them through step by step each month so they can achieve the results they are seeking.

Are you ready to get your membership site going? Don’t let the tech get in your way! If you have any questions comment below or connect with me.

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