Twitter Tips: My 10 Year Old Can Tweet Better Than You

Recently in order to build a better relationship with my son I got interested in a game that he is obsessed over called “Minecraft”.

So I have been having fun helping him build a website for it so that he can share some tips and tricks with all the other fans of the game.

I did the research and with his help and knowledge of the game we created

After going live and getting a few things like the design and google analytics set up it was time to start promoting the site.

So, we created a Fan Page and a Twitter account @minecrafttricks and I started to show him a few things he could do to engage in conversation and build a following.

Here are a few tips you can learn from a 10 year old:

1. Join in and Listen to your audience

Start following other people who are talking about your niche or topic you are interested in. Go to the search bar and enter #(hastag#) and the subject you are interested for example #minecraft. This will show you everyone who is talking about your topic. Perfect way to see what people are talking, who is talking and who you may want to follow and hopes they will follow you back.

 2. Have FUN and Share!

Share funny videos that you like or articles that made you laugh.

3. Ask Questions to engage

Ask questions or send out trivia questions to get people to respond and engage with you.

Kids are the best at asking a million questions so this could be really fun too.

 Want more twitter tricks or have questions, comment below

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