Until We Meet Again

It’s hard to say goodbye! This morning we said good bye to one of my baby mama friends and her family.
Her husband is in the military and they had to move away! 🙁
It was sad and their was tears. But, as the old Hawaiian saying goes….
A Hui Hou Kakou (until we meet again!)
It’s been an amazing year going to the zoo, museums, having park play dates.
Most of all it really was a time for us as stay-at-home moms to get out of the house.
Share our proud mom moments and struggles with sleepless nights as new moms.
(for me a new mom again. For those who know I have a 16 year old as well as a 1 year old)
It’s been super special to see our kids grow up together in such a short time. From non crawlers, to sitting up, to walking all over the place.
We met through meetup.com my favorite place to network.
Especially since I am so new to my area, I had to get back into the swing of things.
I found that networking based on your passions, things you like to do, commonality like moms
who have babies in 2016 are a great place to start for me.
If you checked out my Networking Success Formula. I share in that program about how I made 30K starting my first Meetup group. Plus + many more ways to network online and offline.
Recently, I was at a conference and people had shared that their niche was based around their passion.
They were able to sell based on sharing their passion on social media.
That’s it!
Sounds too simple right!
Yes it is simple and it can be for you.
They didn’t have to post their links to their latest listings, or company website.
They have been branding themselves around what they like to do.
From there people become attracted to you, and will reach out to you…
wanting to know what koolaid you are drinking!
haha! I mean wanting to know more about what you do.
Seriously though if you do have some koolaid you are selling, share it with them 😉

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Much Love & Aloha, 
Stacia Kennedy ​​​​​​​

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