What to Say in Your First YouTube Video

What to Say in Your First YouTube Video

Are you struggling with “What to Say in Your First YouTube Video”? The only way to get over fear is to attain more knowledge.

I personally don’t like scripts but I know that when I use one at least I have an outline of what I am going to say and then I feel more confident on camera.

One of the biggest Fears people tell me is how they look on camera. In my opinion the only way to get over Fear is be prepared so that you can come across more intelligent about your expertise.

As you know I am a big fan of doing videos to create exposure and visibility for your business. I really want to help you get over what ever fear has you not doing videos for your business on a regular basis

So to take out any obstacles holding you back from figuring out, what to say in your first YouTube Video I created a few scripts for you to use.

This morning I had a coaching call with a client and I realized I should share these scripts with you as well too.

1. About Me Video: The about me video is simple there are a few questions you can simple answer on camera about you and your business.

2. YouTube Trailer Video:In your YouTube Trailer you will do a short video tell your YouTube Viewers what your channel is about and what they can expect.

I hope these 2 Scripts will help you get started and move forward to sharing your message to the world.

I always say “Facts Tell, but Stories Sell” videos are a great way people can see how genuine you are and passionate about what you do.

Don’t be the best kept secret in your industry!

Much Love & Aloha,
Stacia Kennedy


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