Stacia Kennedy is an author, speaker and social media marketing expert who advises and trains real estate professionals and small businesses on how to use social media and online tools to build relationships and get more referrals, ultimately leading to an increase in sales and bottom line revenues.

Stacia attracted her first social media marketing client by building her personal and business networks through social media. She assists businesses with their online presence and marketing strategies, which has resulted in revenues being increased by up to 50% in less than 2 years.

Stacia Kennedy loves helping people translate their personality online and is enthusiastic about sharing the latest in social media marketing technology.  She stays current on all the new tools, trends and technology so she can make sure her clients have the most cutting edge and effective social media marketing presence possible.

Stacia has proven time and time again just how important it is for businesses of all kinds to use a wide variety of social touch points to reach and create relationships with their clients and potential clients.  Her clients have seen big benefits in SEO, web traffic and sales leads through blogging, videos and interactions on social media sites such as  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Stacia Kennedy can be found online here at StaciaKennedy.com, her YouTube channel, @Stacia_Kennedy on Twitter and sometimes posting selfies on Facebook.

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